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27 June
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Hollow Heroes Separate One By One
You're so cold, keep your hand in mine...

TV Shows

Nikita, Smallville, Legend Of The Seeker, Glee,
One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries, Fringe, X-Files,
Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Xena Warrior Princess, The Office,
Charmed, 90210, Gossip Girl, Friends,
How I Met Your Mother, Bones, LOST, Dollhouse, Veronica Mars,
True Blood, and Supernatural.

Favorite Pairings

Michael♡Nikita, Chloe♡Oliver, Richard♡Kahlan, Nathan♡Haley,
Peter♡Olivia, Jack♡Kate, Eric♡Sookie, Piper♡Leo,

Brooke+Lucas, Clark+Lois, Clark+Chloe, Mulder+Scully,
Xena+Gabrielle, Buffy+Angel+Faith, Charlie+Claire,
Desmond+Penny, Sawyer+Juliet, Jim+Pam, Pheobe+Cole,
Brenda+Dylan, Chandler+Monica, Ross+Rachel, Rachel+Finn,
Barney+Robin, Booth+Brennan, Damon+Stefan+Elena,
and I adore my fav brother duo Dean+Sam and
I also love Castiel (Nothing romantic between my SPN OT3).

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-Shippy Moments-

-One Tree Hill Gif By Tabbyk22 @ OTHforums.com-
-Legend of the Seeker Gif by go_clo
-Chloe/Oliver Gif By point0fn0return-
-Michael/Nikita Gif By point0fn0return-
-Peter/Olivia Gif By point0fn0return-
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~Gifs found @ Fan Forum weren't credited over there so I have no idea with whom to give credit. If any of these are yours just send me a DM & Ill credit.~